Yukariko Sanzenin

Yukariko Sanzenin

Japanese Name三千院 紫子
Romaji NameSanzen'in Yukariko
NameYukariko Sanzenin
Other NameYukkyun, Yukariko-san
Age28 (deceased), 36 (if still alive)
BirthdayDecember 23
Height152 cm
Weight40 kg
Blood typeAB
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorGreen
LikeFamily, Singing
WeaknessAnything besides that, Being outsmarted by her daughter
HobbyTelling stories
Family & Relationships
FatherMikado Sanzenin
FriendMikoto Tachibana
Hatsuho Saginomiya
OtherNagi's father (husband, deceased)
Nagi Sanzenin (daughter)
Mrs. Aizawa (sister)
Mr. Aizawa (brother-in-law)
Sakuya Aizawa (niece)
Hinata Aizawa (niece)
Asato Aizawa (nephew)
Yuuka Aizawa (niece)
Shiori Aizawa (niece)
Manga & Anime
First AppearanceManga: Chapter 118

Anime: Episode 16 (S2)

Voice ByYūko Minaguchi

Yukariko is Nagi's deceased mother. According to Isumi's mother, Hatsuho, her appearance resembles Hayate's. She appears in Nagi's dream and Hayate's illusion. She did not marry into the Sanzenin family, but rather she is Mikado Sanzenin's daughter.

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