This article is about the Baka and Test - Summon the Bests (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu) character Tsuchiya Kouta. For the Beelzebub character, please go to Kouta Kunieda.
Tsuchiya Kouta

Tsuchiya Kouta

Character Information
Name (Kanji) 土屋 康太
Name (Romaji) Tsuchiya Kōta
Title Muttsulini ("Voyeur" in the English dub of the anime)
Age 16-17
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Height 162 cm
Weight 48 kg
Class Rank 2-F
Seiyū Kōki Miyata
Voice Actor Greg Ayres
Novel Volume 1
Manga Volume 1
Anime Season 1 Episode 1

Tsuchiya Kouta (土屋 康太 Tsuchiya Kōta?) is the ultimate ecchi in Fumizuki. He has a dark taciturn personality, and as such, he's given the nickname Morose Pervert Muttsurīni (ムッツリーニ?), implicitly derived from Muttsuri (むっつり?) to form a parody for Mussolini (ムッソリーニ?). But even though he is very perverted, nobody, even the girls, seem to mind this side of him. While Kōta is uncommunicative by nature, he is part of class F's inner circle group of Yūji, Akihisa, Mizuki, Minami, and Hideyoshi. He is terrible at all subjects except for Health Education, in which few students, if any, could come close. Because of Kōta's extreme high score in Health Education, partly attributed to his wealth of knowledge of the human anatomy, especially that of females, his Shōkanjū carries an accessory, during battles in Health Education, that allows the Shōkanjū to perform an accelerated move. During Season 2 he is also shown to have achieved a score higher than the Health Education Teacher's. In the novel, he is also shown to be an expert in sneaking, gathering information, cunning, and many forms photography, whether it be hidden or not. In the anime, he has a habit of taking panty shots whenever the opportunity arises and to record all the girls' bust sizes in Fumizuki Academy. His Shōkanjū wears a ninja outfit and dual-wields Kodachi. His Shōkanjū wears a modified hakama and sports a short ponytail during the ESB field error.





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