Japanese Nameタマ
Romaji NameTama
Blood typeN/A
Hair ColorWhite with black stripes
Eyes ColorBlue
LikeDestroying the dreams of many people
DislikeThe wild, and the city
HobbyReading male model magazines
Family & Relationships
Hayate Ayasaki
OtherNagi Sanzenin (owner)
Manga & Anime
First AppearanceChapter 7
Episode 3 (S1)
Voice ByJūrōta Kosugi

Tama is a white tiger from Africa, who was rescued by Nagi as a cub, and was raised on Matsuzaka beef and expensive tuna fish, making him incapable of going to the zoo or back to the wild. He can speak the human language, though he does not reveal this to Maria or Nagi because he doesn't want to shatter the girls' dreams. He will lay his life down to protect Nagi, as Nagi saved his life and raised him herself. To him, Maria is the highest power there is, followed by an impassable wall, Nagi, then himself, and everyone else is below him. Despite the fact he is a white tiger, he was found by Nagi while she was exploring Africa. The manga artist admitted that he made a mistake when fans wrote to him pointing out there are no tigers in Africa. Because of this, when Nagi first finds Tama, she becomes convinced that he is just a cat. Usually when Tama is speaking or involved in a comical situation, he looks rather cartoon-like and, when standing on his hind legs, is about human size. He appears this way in most of his appearances, although he will occasionally be drawn in his actual size and appearance. He has been known to imitate other people's voices, and has done a perfect imitation of Nagi once. Tama is often seen relaxing or doing human-like activities. However, he seems to enjoy reading male model magazines in his free time, which only goes to show Tama's odd behavior. He once fell in love with a tiger on a picture of a magazine advertisement for Brazil, and tried to machinate a plan involving Klaus' retirement just to get to go see her, before being reminded by Hayate that there are no tigers in Brazil.

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