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Sylvette Suede


Sylvette Suede

Japanese name


Romanized name

Shirubetto Suēdo






She makes Dolls to cover the rent and expenses.


Sylvette Suede (mother, deceased)
Gauche Suede/Noir (brother)


Nana Mizuki

Sylvette is Gauche's younger sister. Born on the Day of Flicker like Lag, she was born paralyzed. She was named after her mother by Gauche.


Sylvette is an Albisian like Lag. She is a young lady with pale skin, white/silver hair, and blue eyes. another feature that she has is her large breast, which is why Niche envies her (and even consider her a rival). She sports a red bow around her neck, with a light pink dress, along with a yellow bow in her hair.


Sylvette was first seen in Chapter 1 when Gauche takes out a photo of her as he was delivering Lag. Lag saw her in Gauche's heart fragments after Gauche had to fire a spirit bullet to help Lag recover.

She was born on the Day of Flicker. Her brother Gauche named her after her mother (although he was unaware of it having lost memories of his mother). She was left to live alone when his brother left to work at Akatsuki. Years later, when Lag found her, she was still living in the same apartment that she and Gauche stayed in. Even thought she told Lag that she had given up on Gauche being alive, she was still determined to find her brother, believing him not dead yet. Making dolls and dresses to cover the rent and expenses, her cooking was also shown to be incredibly 'exceptional' which her brother and herself thinks it is good, whereas Lag, Niche, Zazie and Conner thinks otherwise.


When Lag heard that Gauche quit being a Letter Bee, he went to find Sylvette and look for answers. Sylvette mistakes them for rent collectors and threatened to shoot them with Gauche's gun. Sylvette recognizes Lag by her brother's story about him and offers them milk to which she tells Niche it will make her big and strong, and she drinks it, upon seeing her chest. Lag asks where Gauche was but Sylvette tells him that her brother never came back home after he was continually absent from his duties in Akatsuki and later fired from his work. She remembers the day Aria personally sent his termination notice to inform her. Sylvette has decided to think her was brother was dead, and tell Lag to never come back to her place. Later, while heading back, Lag asks Niche what she would do if he lost his heart and Niche answers that she would do what ever it takes to drag him back and she will never forget him. Lag rushes back to Sylvette's place, promising to search for Gauche and restore Sylvette's hope. Lag heads back to Sylvette's house, where his spirit amber begins to glow. Touching Gauche's Shindanjuu, both Lag and Sylvette witness flashbacks of Gauche. He insisted on working more deliveries despite the risk of losing his heart for the sake of curing Sylvette's disability. The last memory of Gauche was the time before he headed for the capital and his first encounters with the group called Reverse. Lag promises to find Gauche and bring him back to Sylvette. Sylvette hands Lag Gauche's Shindanjuu for him to use, per her brother's wishes. she later rents out his room to Lag.

After the encounter with Noir outside Honey Waters, when Lag returns home, Sylvette throws him a party because he had found Gauche, as promised.




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