Shiori Makimura

Shiori Makimura

Japanese Name牧村 志織
Romaji NameMakimura Shiori
NameShiori Makimura
Other NameShiori-san
BirthdayOctober 20
Height156 cm
Weight41 kg
Blood typeB
Hair ColorGrey
Eyes ColorBlue
LikeScience and technology
HobbyBuilding robots
Family & Relationships

Yukiji Katsura

OtherMikado Sanzenin (boss)
Manga & Anime
First AppearanceManga: Chapter 10

Anime: Episode 21 (S1)

Voice ByRina Satō

Makimura Shiori is a genius scientist with the Mikado Hyper Energy (M.H.E) Electronics Corporation as the Chief of Development, Humanoid Nursing and Battlefield Weapons Department, and Advanced Technology Development Division. Her specialties is computers and mechas. Her development team created Nursing Robot Eight and other mechas seen in the series. She is in fact so talented, that she had even built a mecha when she was half asleep. In volume 3 (or episode 21), robot Eight asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts. In volume 7 (or episode 23), Shiori is sent to teach her old school, Hakuō Academy, because her superiors believe she does not have enough heart. Even though she is a genius scientist, her robot designs (especially Eight) tend to have serious flaws, which is why she is sent to Hakuō. Another weakness Makimura has is that she is often quite forgetful, completely forgetting about building Eight and overlooking the installation of a critical control chip in one of her mechas, which lead to disastrous results.