This article is about the Pretty Cure character Saki Hyuuga. For the 07-GHOST character, please go to Hyuuga. For the Captain Tsubasa character, please go to Kojiro Hyuga.
Quotation1 "I'm on top form!" (絶好調! Zekkōchō!?) Quotation2
Saki Hyuuga/Cure Bloom/Cure Bright

Saki Hyuuga is a cheerful athletic girl (Like Nagisa Misumi). She is a member of the girls' softball team of Yuunagi Middle School. Similar to Nagisa, Saki is excellent at sports and not being very good at school, loves sweets and has a large appetite.


Saki is bright and adaptive, and she remains optimistic and sane when facing the unexpected. Although Saki appears childish at times, she is lenient and gregarious, and her cheerful and easygoing personality often brings people happiness and energy. Her family runs the Panpaka Pan bakery, and Saki is good at cooking and making delicious breads. She has a sister named Minori, who shares her room and annoys her once in a while. Saki also has a crush on Mai's older brother, Kazuya. Saki's name can mean, but does not directly translate into, "blooming towards the sun", or a sunflower, and a sunflower is also Cure Bloom's symbol. Saki has short auburn hair and brown eyes in her civilian form, and red hair after she transforms.

Cure BloomSunting

" The Shining Golden Flower, Cure Bloom! "
輝く金の花、 キュアブルーム!
Kagayaku kin no hana, Kyua Buruumu!

Cure BrightSunting

" The Full Moon in the Sky, Cure Bright! "
Tenkuu ni michiru tsuki, Kyua Buraito!


Saki (咲) - is mean "Blooming" in Japanese.

Hyuuga (日向) is mean:

  1. Sun
  2. The Sun
  3. Sunny
  4. Sunny Place