Sakazuki (サカズキ?), better known as Akainu (赤犬?, lit. "Red Dog"), is a Marine 397 He has the power of the Mag-Mag Fruit (マグマグの実 Magu Magu no Mi?), a logia-type Devil Fruit that gives him the power to control, create, or transform into molten 573, 610 Akainu is extremely ruthless, destroying an entire ship full of escaping civilians in the off chance that one criminal might be hiding amongst 397 During the Battle of Marineford, he kills Ace, right in front of Luffy's 573 Akainu is based on Bunta 558 In the Japanese version of the series, Akainu was originally voiced by Michio Nakao,ep. 276 and is currently voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki.