The Child Of Maka



Japanese Name


Romanized Name





~200 years old


Lag Seeing's Dingo


Maka (father)
Celica (mother)
twin sister

Niche is Lag's dingo in Tegami Bachi.

Appearance Edit

She is relatively short with light blue eyes. Her most obvious feature is her long golden hair. She usually wears a purple (pink in the anime.) dress with oven-mitt-like sleeves to cover her bear-like claws and a pair of boxers. She also wears sports boots.

Personality Edit

Her personality is close to feral and she shows very animalistic-like traits like licking wounds and sniffing for danger. She speaks in third person. She is very stubborn but is attached to Lag because she sees he is similar to herself. (In fact, sometimes it's implied that she has romantic feelings for him, despite the age difference) She seems to be a closet romantic, resorting to violence to benefit a couple. Often confused by commonplace words or customs, her misunderstandings bring a comedic aspect to the story. She is very sensitive of the title Dingo and treats the phrase as an honor. She has an issue with being scrawny and constantly atacks anyone with large breasts, turning the complex into somewhat of a comedic obsession.

History Edit

Lag's personal Dingo. She travels with Lag, acting as his bodyguard against Gaichuu, and sticks closely to Lag along with her "pet", "Steak", on her head. She battles using her hair, also known as "The Golden Sword", manipulating it into powerful blade-like tentacles capable of lifting things several times her size. She has bearlike forearms and claws which she usually keeps covered with oven mitt-like gloves. She dislikes wearing underwear, but wears them for Lag's sake (he made her put them on after she accidentally flashed him), claiming that he is the first male to make her wear underwear. Lag assumes that she is 7 years old based on her appearance but she recently revealed that she was born approximately 200 years ago in the town of Blue Notes Blues. Later on in Blue Notes Scale, a cave by Blue Notes Blues, Niche finds out that she has a twin sister with the same power as her and that she was the child of Maka. The sister referes to Niche as "imouto" (younger sister). Her name is derived from "niche", a crevice or narrow space to put flowers as an offering to the Holy Mother.

Lag found Niche at a train station on his way to his Bee Interview. She was a "letter", but the address on her mailing label was incomplete and she was scheduled to be "abandoned" in two more days. Lag offered to take her to her new home according to the mailing label in the local writing, which he thought was an orphanage even though he was on a deadline for his Bee job interview. While traveling, Lag found she had multiple names, so he named her Niche after where he found her - in a niche at the station.

After delivering Niche, Lag found out she was to be put in a side show act as "The Child of Maka", Maka being a mysterious being both worshipped and feared in AmberGround's Northern territories. Lag hurried back to Rabusamu Wandaun(LoveSomeone Down) with the excuse that Niche's delivery receipt had not been signed. When he got there he found that Niche had already wrecked the sideshow tent with her "Golden Sword" and gone on the run towards Gaichuu territory. He followed her and consequently saved her from a Gaichuu. She decided to stay with Lag after he explained that her address had become unknown since she had destroyed the mailing label, and she insisted that from then on she would be Lag's "Dingo".


Lag Seeing was the one who delivered and saved Niche from Love Someone Down. Niche implies that he is the only person who has been able to persuade her to wear underwear.


Niche, known as the child of Maka, has a special weapon called the golden sword which is actually her hair. She is at first only able to shape it into tentacle like swords and whips, but after spending time with her sister in Blue Notes Blues, She is now able to form larger more sophisticated weapons and tools such as a closing bug net or a drill.  She is also able to control how strong they are abling her to lift objects ten times her size (Eg. Gaichuu).

Niche also has the ability to fight off the Gaichuu, but she cannot kill them.

References Edit

  • [1]-- she states her home town and (rough) age

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