Quotation1 "Unbelievable!" (ありえな~い! Ariena~i??) Quotation2
Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black

Nagisa Misumi/Natalie Blackstone is the ace of the school lacrosse team.


She is also a close friend of Fujita Akane, a former lacrosse player who runs her own takoyaki stand. She is strong-hearted, though it usually quite lazy when it comes to her homework. She is also a food lover, her favourite dish being the takoyaki served at Akane's stand. Although generally courageous, she will become quite flustered when near Shougo, who she has a crush on. As Cure Black, she is strong and passionate.

Cure BlackEdit


Nagisa (なぎさ) - is many mean in Japanese.

Misumi (美墨) - is mean "Predefined" in Japanese.


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