This article is about the Pretty Cure, Fresh Pretty Cure! character Miki Aono. For the Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku) character, please go to Miki Hanabishi.
Quotation1 I'm perfect! (あたし、完璧! Atashi, kanpeki!?) Quotation2
Miki Aono/Cure Berry
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A 14-year-old schoolgirl at Private Torigoe Academy, established for entertainment talents. Good at sports, also has sense in fashion and tries to warn herself of showing her beauty to others. She wants to be a fashion model, so she tries to control herself. Her house is a salon, and she lives with her mother. She joins the dancing group with Love because she wants to control her shape. Miki has long, silky lavender coloured hair that falls to her waist. Her attack comes from the French word "espoir", meaning "hope", which was most notably used in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 as the name of the beauty shop owned by Nozomi Yumehara's mother. Her Pickrun, the Blun, is blue and wears a crown on its head and a pearl necklace. Berry's theme colors are blue and purple and her symbol is the spade.

Pretty CureSunting

Cure BerrySunting

"The blue heart is the symbol of hope! Freshly-gathered fresh, Cure Berry!"
"Buruu no Haato wa Kibou no Shirushi! Tsumitate Furesshu, Kyua Berii!"

Cure AngelSunting

"The white heart is everyone's heart! Flapping Fresh, Cure Angel!"
"Howaito haato wa minna no kokoro! Habatake Furesshu, Kyua Enjeru!"