Makarov Dreyar (マカロフ・ドレアー Makarofu Doreā?) is the short, 88-year-old master of Fairy Tail. His name comes from the fact that Hiro Mashima wanted it to sound Russian.[13] He is discontented with the Magic Council for the rules it tries to impose on Fairy Tail, instead encouraging his guild's members to do whatever they think is right. He often becomes despondent whenever his guild causes trouble with the council for him, and is prone to using force to stop his guild members whenever they become too rowdy or violent. However, he considers his guild members to be his children, and is fiercely protective of them. He is capable of multiple different forms of magic, including Giant (巨人(ジャイアント) Jaianto?) magic, which increases his normally diminutive stature to gigantic proportions. His most powerful spell is Fairy Law (妖精の法律(フェアリーロウ) Fearī Rō?), one of three legendary spells developed by the Fairy Tail guild, which generates a flash of bright light that spans across a wide area, and only harms those the caster considers to be his or her enemy.[6] Given his high level of magic and skills, Makarov is registered as one of the Ten Wizard Saints, the most powerful wizards in Fiore. He is voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji in Japanese and R Bruce Elliott in English.