Lisanna (リサーナ Risāna?) is the 17-year-old younger sister of Mirajane and Elfman. She is also one of Natsu's closest childhood friends, and helped him raise Happy from an egg. Like her siblings, Lisanna can use a form of Take Over magic called Animal Soul (動物の魂(アニマルソウル) Animaru Sōru?), which she uses to transform her entire body, or parts of her body, into those of animals. She is initially believed to have accidentally been killed by Elfman on a mission with her siblings two years prior to the series, when she was actually transported to the parallel world Edolas after being drawn through Anima, a portal meant to absorb Earthland's magic. She decides to remain in Edolas to keep the parallel world's counterparts of her siblings from worrying, since her own counterpart had died. However, she is forced to return to Earthland when the Anima portal is reversed, thus reuniting with Natsu and her siblings, and being reinstated in Fairy Tail soon after. She is voiced by Harumi Sakurai.