Koutarou Azumamiya

Koutarou Azumamiya‎

Japanese Name東宮 康太郎
Romaji NameAzumamiya Kōtarō
NameKoutarou Azumamiya
Other NameKoutarou-kun
BirthdayJune 24
Height165 cm
Weight52 kg
Blood typeA
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorGrey
DislikeBeaten up by his butler
Family & Relationships
RivalHayate Ayasaki
OtherHinagiku Katsura (affection)
Kaede Nonohara (butler)
Manga & Anime
First AppearanceManga: Chapter 41

Anime: Episode 15 (S1)

Voice ByRina Sato

Azumamiya is the master of Nonohara Kaede and a member of the kendo club. He is considered the weakest member of the club because his strikes are random and dangerous. He has a vulgar mouth, which obligates Kaede to scold him accordingly in his duty to refine his master into a gentleman. When he is in trouble, he calls for Kaede to fight for him and, with exception to Hayate, always picks fights with those with the highest possibility of being weaker than he is. Out of jealousy, he challenges Hayate to a duel when he sees him being friendly with Hinagiku. He is often beaten up mercilessly by Kaede for his weaknesses. Recently, he has lost his self-esteem ever since Kaede went to study abroad in England. He is the only character introduced so far whose endurance is worse than Nagi's.