Kotetsu Segawa

Kotetsu Segawa

Japanese Name瀬川 虎鉄
Romaji NameSegawa Kotetsu
NameKotetsu Segawa
Other NameKotetsu-kun
BirthdayJune 21
Blood type???
Hair ColorPurple
Eyes ColorGray
LikePretty girls
DislikeBeing rejected
HobbyTrains and train turntables
Family & Relationships
FatherStringer Segawa
MotherUnknown (deceased)
OtherIzumi Segawa (fraternal twin sister, mistress)
Manga & Anime
First AppearanceManga: Chapter 93
Anime: Episode 27 (S1) (appear only)
Episode 11 (S2)
Voice ByGō Shinomiya

Segawa Kotetsu is the combat butler of the Segawa family and the older fraternal twin brother of Izumi Segawa. As a running gag, his hobby is his extreme love of trains and train turntables. He seems to be shy as he has never had the confidence to ask a girl out. It seems that his terrible luck with women has left him feeling bitter about the entire female gender, but while he is at Hinagiku's birthday party, he runs into Hayate and immediately falls in love with him, or rather his alter-ego Hermione. He soon learns of Hayate's identity from Izumi. Angered by this, he kidnaps Nagi in order to bring Hayate out. After Nagi confronts him on his shallow attitude towards love in general, he vows to change his attitude and still likes Hayate even after discovering that he is male. He seems extremely hung up on Hayate and uses various methods to try to spend time with him, such as challenging him to ping pong to get him to spend time in a hot spring they were both visiting. He is rarely seen in the first season of the anime, making brief appearances once in a while, although Izumi has referred to him several times; he gets a larger role in the second season. Segawa is the only person whom Hayate really hates.

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