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Kinoshita Hideyoshi

Kinoshita Hideyoshi

Character Information
Name (Kanji) 木下 秀吉
Name (Romaji) Kinoshita Hideyoshi
Date of Birth 24 Agustus
Age 16-17
Gender Male
Class Rank 2-F
Family Kinoshita Yuuko (older twin sister)
Seiyū Emiri Katō
Voice Actor Brina Palencia
Novel Volume 1
Manga Volume 1
Anime Season 1 Episode 1

Kinoshita Hideyoshi (木下 秀吉 Kinoshita Hideyoshi?) is a very feminine-looking bishōnen and is the younger twin brother of Yūko Kinoshita of class A. Despite being a fraternal twin, except for his male body, he looks almost identical to his twin sister. Because of that, his male peers, and many of his female peers, see him as a female, which upsets him though he doesn't express it strongly. In the anime, his feminine looks are often the subject of fanservice, going so far as to make him strongly appear as a female. Hideyoshi has a helpful personality and is willing to support any activity his friends embark on. He uses the term 'Washi (?)', used by old venerable men to describe himself. While he is bad in academics, he has unquestionable talent in acting, and can not only replicate the behavior and mannerisms of other people but also their voices as well. He also can dress instantly on the spot. In volume 2, he was instigated by Akihisa to mimic Yūji's voice to propose to Shōko during their tournament, confusing her and ultimately setting up the stage for a win for Akihisa-Yūji Team, but this move caused Yūji all manner of problems later on. His Shōkanjū is clad in Hakama and wields a Naginata. His shōkanjū turns into an adult but changes gender and wears a dress that parodies Little Red Riding Hood during the ESB field error.





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