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This article is about the 07-GHOST character Hyuuga. For the Pretty Cure character, please go to Saki Hyuuga. For the Captain Tsubasa character, please go to Kojiro Hyuga.

Hyuuga is one of Ayanami's close subordinates.


On Hyuuga's part, he sees Ayanami as one of his friends or someone he likes. He gave Ayanami the nickname Aya-tan (the suffix. "tan", being similar to "chan") which is a diminutive considering Ayanami is Hyuuga's superior. Hyuuga shows a happy face most of the time and is very rarely seen not smiling. He is also almost never seen without a lollipop (or candy apple) in his mouth and is always wearing dark sunglasses. He is always joking, being silly and is seldom serious, for example, in manga chapter 8 he takes a lollipop he is eating out of his own mouth and offers it to Ayanami. Despite that, he has excellent swordsmanship and is very good at fighting.

He is very concerned about Ayanami, and has sworn to protect him no matter what happens. In the first drama CD, he is worried about Ayanami's health because the latter works tirelessly and does not get much sleep. Later in the drama, Ayanami tells the Black Hawks to relax in an inn, yet he excuses himself. Hyuuga follows Ayanami secretly, and when he hears Ayanami ask Yukikaze's grave "Was our meeting really...happiness to you?", he comes out from his hiding place to comfort Ayanami, saying that he is sure Yukikaze was happy. He later takes a walk with Ayanami as he wants to keep him company.


Hyuuga (ヒュウガ) - is many mean in Japanese.


  • In a one-shot manga illustrated by the authors of 07-Ghost titled Begleiter, Hyuuga says that he and Ayanami were classmates.