Hikari Kujou is a shy blonde girl who appears in Max Heart. She is "Life of the Queen" in human form after the Queen got split apart following her last encounter with the Dark King.


Going under the guise of Akane's cousin and working at her takoyaki stand, Akane enrols into Nagisa and Honoka's middle school two years under them and becomes friends with them. She later gains the ability to use Porun to transform in Shiny Luminous, gaining further power from Lulun. Although she does not have much strength or skill in fighting, she can use her abilities to hamper opponents and enhance Black and White's attacks.


Hikari (ひかり) - is mean "Light" in Japanese.

  1. The word Hika (ひか) is mean: "Hit/by" or "Attracted" or "Drawn" or "Ground" in Japanese.
  2. The word Hi (ひ) is mean "Sun" in Japanese
  3. The word Kari (かり) is mean "Borrowing/ed" in Japanese.

Kujou (九条) - is mean "Article (29/39/49/59/89)" in Japanese.

  1. The word Ku/Kyuu (九) is mean "Nine" in Japanese.
  2. The word Jou (条) is mean "Article" in Japanese.


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