Hannah Anafellows
Name Hannah Anafellows
Kanji ハンナ アナフェローズ
Romanji Hanaa Anaferozu
Race Demon
Gender Female
Eyes Indigo
Hair Pale lavender
Professional Status
Affiliation Faustian Contract
Occupation Maid of Trancy Household
Base of Operations Trancy manor
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Alois Trancy (young master or master)
Claude Faustus (co-worker)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 of Season 2
Japanese Voice Hirano Aya
English Voice Caitlin Glass

Hannah Anafeloz, also known as Hannah Anafellows (ハンナ アナフェローズ Hanaa Anaferozu?) is Alois's maid and servant. In the first episode of the second season, Hannah gets her left eye gouged out by Alois on the account that she stared at him directly. She is quiet and seems to be very fearful of Alois as he often harms and humiliates her. This is also seen in Episode five when Alois throws a fake crown at her head causing her to bleed. She is very skilled with combat and able to pull weapons out of nowhere. In Episode 9, It is revealed that she is the Sheath of the legendary sword Laevateinn, and in Episode 8 it is revealed by Grell as she is about to fight with her that she is a demon. Her name (Hannah in Japanese means flower) implies that she is a flower demon. She is voiced by Aya Hirano in Japanese and by Caitlin Glass in English.

After Claude kills Alois in Episode 8 Hannah comes and sits on top of his dead body, and cuts at his eye and pressing her face affectionately towards Alois tells him she is giving him what he wants: which can presumed as affection and love. It's later revealed that she was the demon that made a contract with Alois' brother, Luka. He asked her to grant Alois's wish to have his village murdered. He later thanked her as she devoured his soul. Hannah's previous actions seem to have been quite the facade as she reveals latter that her eye was already healed. Also, it is revealed that the triplets are her subordinates, not Claude's. How she came to work with Claude is unknown, however her reasoning might have involved Alois. Hannah awakens Alois' subconscious once his soul was fused with Ciel's. She tells Alois that he still has both she and Luca. She also proclaims that she loves Alois and he realizes that he should have loved her instead of trying to gain acknowledgement from Claude. After Alois proclaims that everyone who used him should die, Hannah forms a contract with him as she comforts him with her affection. She stays loyal to Alois to the end and states that she, Alois, Luca, and Claude will live happily in the afterlife.

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