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The Fairy Tail OST Vol. 3 is the third album of Original Soundtrack from the anime of Fairy Tail. Unlike it's previous albums it only contains 30 songs. It was released July 6th, 2011.

Song ListEdit

  1. Mahoukyou no Tabibito 魔法境の旅人 (eng. Traveler of the Magic Borders)
  2. Sannin no Dragon Slayer 3人のドラゴンスレイヤー (eng. Three Dragon Slayer)
  3. Shippuu Jinrai 疾風迅雷 (eng. Like a Whirlwind, Quick as Lightning)
  4. Hagane no Hakunetsusen 鋼の白熱戦 (eng. Fierce Battle of Steel)
  5. Rengougun Shuuketsu 連合軍、集結! (eng. Alliance Force, Assemble!)
  6. Charle no Kokuhaku シャルルの告白 (eng. Charle's Confession)
  7. Oracion Seis Arawaru! 六魔将軍現る! (eng. Oracion Seis Appears)
  8. Gunyuu Aiutsu 群雄相打つ (eng. Warlord's Strike Phase)
  9. Midnight Mezameru ミッドナイト目覚める (eng. Midnight Awakens)
  10. Dokuryuu no Cobra 毒竜のコブラ (eng. Cobra the Poison Dragon)
  11. Nirvana no Hikari ニルヴァーナの光 (eng. Nirvana's Light)
  12. Heikou Sekai Edolas 平行世界エドラス(eng. Parallel World Edolas)
  13. Fuyuujima no Tami 浮遊島の民 (eng. People of the Floating Island)
  14. Mystogan no Theme ミストガンのテーマ (eng. Mystogan's theme)
  15. Tenkuu no Miko 天空の巫女 (eng. Sky Maiden)
  16. Tsubasa aru Mono 翼あるもの (eng. Having the Wings)
  17. Chou Akuukan Mahou Anima 超亜空間魔法アニマ (eng. Super Dimensional Magic Anima)
  18. Exceed Tachi エクシードたち (eng. Exceeds)
  19. Kieyuku Maryoku 消えゆく魔力 (eng. Disappearing Magic)
  20. ICE BOY アイスボーイ
  21. Tenshi Senmetsu Sakusen 天使殲滅作戦 (eng. Plan to Annihilate the Angels)
  22. Tenshi no Kunou 天使の苦悩 (eng. Angels' Anguish)
  23. PANTHERLILY パンサーリリー
  24. Ryuusahou 竜鎖砲 (eng. Dragon Chain Cannon)
  25. Gekitou Mahoujin 激闘魔法陣 (eng. Fierce Battle of Magic)
  26. Seirei Gassen 星霊合戦 (eng'.' Celestial Spirit Battle)
  27. Seigi no Chikara 正義の力 (eng. Power of Justice)
  28. Erza tai Erza エルザ対エルザ (eng. Erza vs. Erza)
  29. Doragon Fosu ドラゴンフォース (eng. Dragon Force)
  30. Inishie no Mahou 古の魔法 (eng. Ancient Magic)



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