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Eternal Fellows

Tetsuya Kakihara

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Eternal Fellows is a special opening theme for the OVAs of the anime series Fairy Tail, sang by Tetsuya Kakihara.

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When you face everything head on with all you've got
to the point you almost collide
and send the sparks flying
You'll find that the things that are precious to you
are really just right there by your side
Be it sorrow, or weakness
you definitely will be able to share your burden
You'll become stronger for sure

The power of magic will continue to bind you all together
Everyone has a different kind of dream
But all you have to do is to trust in your friends
and there will always be a tomorrow, FAIRY TAIL!

Butsukariau hodo kiriga nai honki de
Hibana wo chiraseba

Taisetsu na mono ga hontou wa soba ni
Aru koto ga wakaru
Shoushin mo jakuten mo
Kanarazu wakachiaeru kara
Kitto tsuyoku nareru

Mahou no chikara ga tsunaideku
Katachi no chigatta yume ga aru
Nakama wo shinjite yukeba ii
Asu wa tsuduku darou FAIRY TAIL

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