Chiharu Harukaze

Chiharu Harukaze

Japanese Name春風 千桜
Romaji NameHarukaze Chiharu
NameChiharu Harukaze
Other NameHaruko, Haru-san, Chii-chan.
BirthdayAugust 30
Height158 cm
Weight45 kg
Blood typeA
Hair ColorGray
Eyes ColorBlue
LikeGames, Manga, Anime, Reading, Sakuya
DislikeBeing exposed, Ramen, Aika
SpecialtyDisguising as a maid
HobbySolo leisure
Family & Relationships
FatherMr. Harukaze
MotherMrs. Harukaze
FriendAika Kasumi
Nagi Sanzenin
Hinagiku Katsura
Izumi Segawa
Miki Hanabishi
Risa Asakaze
Ruka Suirenji
OtherSakuya Aizawa (personal mistress)
Manga & Anime
First AppearanceManga: Chapter 125

Anime: Episode 27 (S1)

Voice ByAyumi Fujimura

Harukaze Chiharu is the secretary of the student council, known for her cold and serious personality. However, she seems to share Nagi's interest in anime and video games, but only shows this side of her to Nagi and Hayate. Secretly, under the alias of "Haruko", she works as Sakuya's maid when her father's company goes bankrupt, but nobody in Hakuō Academy is aware of this, with the exception of Kasumi Aika. Chiharu may have a serious, hardworking nature and as a hint that she is secretly Sakuya's maid.

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