Charle (シャルル Sharuru?) is a white-furred exceed and Wendy's partner, introduced together with her as a member of Caitshelter before joining Fairy Tail. She is the daughter of the exceeds' queen, Shagotte, which Charle is unaware of (coincidentally, Charle refers to herself as Shagotte's daughter as a bluff at one point in the series). Like Happy, she is one of one hundred exceeds sent from Edolas as eggs for protection following their queen's premonition of their realm's destruction. Along with others of her race, she can perform Aera magic to grow wings on her back and fly. She also inherited her mother's ability of precognition, which most other exceeds do not have, allowing her to experience visions of events yet to pass in the series. Upon her birth, Charle had foreseen her race issuing an order for the exceeds sent to Earthland to kill Dragon Slayers, not realizing that this order was a ruse fabricated by Shagotte to keep their people in check. Despite this, she grows close to Wendy and becomes protective of her. She acts in a condescending manner towards Happy upon meeting him, believing his lack of knowledge of their race's "mission" to be a birth defect when it is actually natural for him. It isn't until she witnesses Happy's resolve to defy their "mission" that she becomes more friendly with him. Charle gains some degree of control over her precognitive powers upon learning of them, but can only use them to foresee events that occur no later than a few days at a time. She is voiced by Yui Horie.